Fellowship & Small Groups

Joyful Community

So often we as Christians and the church focus on the “Great Commission” rather than the “Great Commandment.” You do not have to be a strong leader or a bible scholar to open your home to discuss Gods word, encourage, and love one another.  God is more concerned about our hearts being filled with love than our brains being filled with memory verses.

Small Groups are a popular opportunity for fellowship and connection. These groups run independently for a variety of studies, and may run for four to six weeks.  These are great opportunities to invite friends to participate without making that long term commitment.

  • Park Circles are groups of people who meet together regularly in their homes, sharing food and study and are of a more long term relational nature.
  • Park Church (PC) Crew has three or four activities a year for singles and couples in the empty-nest/recently- or almost-retired demographic.  The couples club with the greatest longevity, Park Partners, gathers once or twice a year and has for more than 50 years.
  • The LGBTF (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, and Friends) group often meets in someone’s home to enjoy supper as well as conversation.
  • Park Church Women, which includes all the women of the church and is run by a Board of Managers, takes fellowship opportunity and adds a service element as well.  They break down into groups known as Tens, meeting for fun, programs, and projects that help the church and its missions through fundraisers, receptions, and overall care for the building and community of Park Church.  Learn More…

To get involved in any activities listed above or to learn more information about them, please contact the church office.