Adult Education

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In ancient times, in addition to their regular synagogue worship, the first Christians gathered together in homes or other spaces for prayer, community, and the study of Scripture. In this way, the early church journeyed side-by-side: building friendships, sharing ideas, and growing in faith and love.

Today, with each of us pressed for time and drive, we may often feel like a church of one. Were it not for Sunday worship, we might feel unconnected to our faith.

Which is where Park Church’s adult study program, Conversations, comes in.

With Conversations, each of us has a chance to learn from one another, to hear and to speak.

Whether in-person or online, in print or in your head-phones, in round-tables or with facilitated discussion, Conversations allows you to join Park Church as we engage with our faith, a faith that is ancient yet always new.

Below are just a few things we offer. Whoever you are, whatever your beliefs, you are welcome here.

Raise your voice. Join the conversation. Contact Director of Adult Education, Jon Propper, with questions:


  • Weekly Bible group
  • Table talks
  • Food and activities
  • Book clubs


  • Weekly podcasts
  • Monthly blogs
  • Online classes and discussion groups


Conversations: A Park Church Podcast is Park’s bite-sized study and devotional podcast, designed for listening in your headphones, your car stereo, or your home speakers. It’s a 5 to 10 minute look at how our Christian faith connects to the ordinary rhythms of our daily lives. We invite you to listen to the current episode, or to check out our archive for previous episodes!