Faith in Action

Because of what we receive through the worship of God and through learning about the Christian tradition, we respond with faithful actions. Some times an act of faith is obvious, like the work of our mission team and outreach programs. Some times a faithful act is responding with instrument or voice within a worship experience. And there are other times when the most faithful act is to laugh out loud with friends in a time for fun and fellowship. Our faith at Park Church does not leave us lying down, inert, or statically abiding time. God is moving, God is still speaking, and so are we.

Fellowship Ministry

There is much about living our faith to take seriously, but being playful and childlike must have their time as well!¬†We respond to God’s joy through fellowship opportunities. There is simple, yet striking joy in being together for a meal after church or for a gathering at someone’s home or a camping weekend in Muskegon. This is how we truly become community.

Mission Ministry

Faith without works is dead, James said. Central to our faith at Park Church is to live out as a church and as individuals the gospel, the good news that we know. Our mission ministry strives to follow where Jesus led. Jesus told many stories and parables, and taught many lessons, but then he lived it out as well. He didn’t only tell stories about healing, he reached out and touched those who were ailing. When he saw the crowds were hungry he gave them something to eat. We pray that our mission ministry is rooted in this same compassion.

Music Ministry

Each week the attitude and emotional tone of our worship is orchestrated by the skill of our music ministry. We believe the old saying that goes, “those who sing, pray twice.” Those who offer their musical talents respond to God’s movement in their lives, by returning the grace they have received to all who worship together each Sunday morning.