That They All May Be One


The United Church of Christ

I am the UCC …

My roots go back 2,000 years, but I am very much now and today.

I embrace modern intelligent thinking:

  • Acceptance.
  • Inclusiveness.
  • Justice.

I’m less judgmental.   People can:

  • Search.
  • Discover.
  • Flourish.

My friends come to me to:

  • Seek their own answers.
  • Look inside themselves.
  • Explore their spiritual lives.

In the end, my personality is reflective of Christ’s:

  • Open.
  • Embracing.
  • Nurturing.
  • And eternally relevant.

 Adapted from the UCC Stillspeaking Ministry


Park Church is a member congregation of the

Grand West Association   of the   Michigan Conference   of the   United Church of Christ