Progressive Christianity

Our faith is 2000 years old, our thinking is not

We each hold our own understanding of the faith. We do not and cannot dictate the content of another’s faith. We have come to Park Church through a variety of other Christian traditions. We are blessed to be a place that encourages our individual search for God’s truth. There is grace enough to ask questions, make mistakes, and express doubts even as we actively search for meaning in our lives. The Bible tells a story of God’s truth and guidance in the experiences and the teachings of other generations, and yet the Bible speaks still to our contemporary needs and conditions, telling each generation that Yahweh is a living presence in this world.

Our lives are set in exciting, troubling and challenging times. We might sometimes wish to avoid this reality, but know we cannot ultimately evade. As progressive Christians, we are Christ’s people and have something of faith and wisdom and hope to share with the world. By God’s grace, progressive Christianity shares a vision of mercy and truth, of love and justice the world longs to hear. Differences in language, race, orientation, and nation characterize our unique location in this life, and yet at the center of who we are, we are deeply loved and known by the God of Creation. This serves to bind us together over all that would separate us.

Progressive Christianity means that God empowers our hands to build, heal, and unite the human family. Empowers our feet to walk where Jesus walked. We are called to care for others, to ease the pain and despair inherent to this life. As progressive Christians we actively work for justice and equality, where how we live our lives speaks more clearly about our call to be Jesus’ disciples, more than the doctrines we espouse.

There is space for all within progressive Christianity. Join us.


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