Frequently Asked Questions

New to Park Church? Read through the FAQ below and learn more about what you can expect when you walk through the doors on any given Sunday. If you have other questions, contact the church office directly.


What about the children?

We have a beautiful air conditioned toddler room and a bright nursery on the main floor! The infants and toddlers are checked in before the service.  We issue each parent a pager in case you are needed during service.   Once you enter, a greeter will direct you to the nursery and toddler rooms.  Older children are excused as a group to go to their own Worship Centers after the Children’s Moment in the service.

What about youth?  

During the program year middle school classes are offered every Sunday at 10:30 am.  High school classes are offered on the first and third Sundays at 10:30 am.

Where is Park Church? 

The church building sits on the corners of Park Place (across from Veterans Park), Ransom Street (across from Saint Cecilia Music Society), and Library Street (across from the Grand Rapids Public Library) in downtown Grand Rapids.  The address is 10 East Park Place NE.

Where do I park?

We have our own large parking lot!  Both the entrance and exit are on Ransom Street.  Parking is always free for church activities.

Which doors do I use?

Our main entrance is a beautiful glass vestibule, off the parking lot, towards the front of the building. This entrance is handicap accessible.

 What do I wear?

No dress code is imposed on anyone.  We have men in suits, women in dresses, jeans and t-shirts.   Be comfortable.  Come as you are.  A coatroom along the main floor center hall provides a place to leave coats.

Where are the restrooms?

The men’s restroom is in a corner in the hallway near the church offices.   The women’s restroom, in the center hall, provides a small lounge area and a baby-changing station. The handicapped-accessible bathroom is near the stage in Merriam Hall.

Will there be food?

A buffet table with a selection of fruits, sweets, bagels,  coffees, juices, and milk is set up in the large fellowship hall each Sunday before the worship service.  After the service everyone is invited to Merriam Hall for coffee and conversation.  A basket for donations is on the table.  Newcomers are particularly invited to mingle and meet the people of Park.

Who will greet me and answer questions?

Our volunteer greeters are stationed at various spots on Sunday morning.  They would love to answer your questions and provide any directions you may need.  We have greeters at the staircase:  one on the main floor near the outside door and another at the top of the stairs, where everyone receives the printed bulletin that guides worshipers through the service.  Just inside the sanctuary ushers greet and escort worshipers to a seat in the pews, either on the main floor or in the balcony.

How do I get involved?

Park offers so many possibilities for becoming involved.  You will find more than one way to make friends while being of service to others.   Send an email to office@parkchurchgr.org, write a note on the information card to put in the offering plate, or simply speak to someone sitting near you.   Read our online newsletter for more details.   We have plenty of room for your spiritual gifts!