New to Park Church

All are welcome…

…at Park Church.  Through worship and study and fellowship, we work and pray and wrestle and play together to do the beautiful work of our Christian faith. We know we can’t be the church for all people. We are at our best when we are our authentic self: traditional, progressive, mission oriented. We have a style, a message, a way of doing church that might not appeal to all people, but there is a place for all who come through our doors. Maybe we are the church for you as you move through this time and place in your life. Come see for yourself. Join us on this marvelous journey of faith. All are welcome at Park Church!


Try Park …      

If you have been uneasy about attending any church

If you once went to a church with rules that made you uncomfortable

If you have never been a church person

If you have always been a church person but need a change

If you wonder about God and the Bible

If you are curious about this man Jesus

If you feel a pull to look for answers to life’s questions

If you are looking for a safe place to be yourself

If you want your children to be in Sunday School

If you need a listening ear

If you love really good music

If you want to help the disenfranchised

If you wonder what the building looks like inside

If you enjoy intellectual challenges and

Even if you don’t, you should…

…try Park Church!


“No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.”